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Gears n Beers Ep.55: Half the Country Now Has Constitutional Carry, New 80% ”Rules,” and Recoilless Can Launcher

April 25, 2022

Welcome to Episode 55 of Gears n Beers, the live segment of the LSLF Podcast, where we talk about gear we love, gear we hate, industry news and whatever else trips our Freedom triggers!  Tonight we talk about half the country now having Constitutional Carry, and the streets AREN'T running red with blood as predicted.  We touch on an interesting bullpup conversion kit from Meta Tactical that converts your Glock into a 16 inch carbine.  And lay into the ridiculousness of the new ATF Director Nominee that we heard from this week.

Then we dive into a 3D printed Recoilless Can Launcher from Deterrence Dispensed, which, if you know us, is right up our alley!  And finally, we talk about the new "rules," not laws, that the ATF announced recently, regarding frames, receivers, and 80% firearms.  What is fact, what isn't fact, and everything else going on with it. 

Make sure to tune in live for the next episode on 4-27-22 at 8:30 CST (and every other Wednesday night) on the the LSLF Website , Facebook page, and Youtube, join in on the conversation, and have  cold brew or two with us!

8:20 Half the Country Now Has Constitutional Carry

18:48 Meta Tactical Apex Series Bullpup Carbine Conversion Kit

35:00 New ATF Director Nominee Announced

50:00 Deterrence Dispensed Recoilless Can Launcher

57:20 ATF Announces New 80% "Rules"

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