Life’s Short Live Free Podcast

Ep.79: Full Body Cavity Searches, Is Destiny Real, and Caring Tyrants?

April 4, 2022

Welcome to episode 79 of the Life's Short Live Free Podcast, the show were we talk about whatever trips our Freedom boners! The conversation is ALL OVER the place in this longer-than-usual episode and that means one of the most interesting podcasts we’ve had in a long time! Don’t miss this one where we talk about things like Violent Vs. Peaceful Tyranny, Full Body Cavity Searches, Who the “Good Guys” are in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Johnson’s Embracing of the Cowboy Lifestyle, the Silliness of Removing Race From Branding, and Whether or not Destiny Is Real.

10:00 CS Lewis Quote 

21:00 Russia ukraine update and russia threatens to nuke 

46:00 TSA and full body cavity searches

1:01:45 Removing all minorities from brands 

1:23:45 Destiny 


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