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Gears n Beers Ep 56:The Govt is Not Your Babysitter! and CAA Agada Rifle

May 9, 2022

Welcome to Episode 55 of Gears n Beers, the live segment of the LSLF Podcast, where we talk about gear we love, gear we hate, industry news and whatever else trips our Freedom triggers!  Tonight we talk about the CAA Agada rifle, with a totally new way to hold a rifle, and quite frankly we think it's a bit ridiculous.  Then we talk a little bit about vein recognition, as opposed to traditional fingerprint scanners on gun safes.

The ATF admits in their most recent "ruling" that ARs are one of the most common rifles in America.  And according to the Heller Supreme Court decision, they've made it clear that "commonly used firearms" are covered by the 2nd Amendment.  And we quickly cover the acting ATF director being demoted.

Our main topic is the Government is Not Your Babbysitter!  And we close out with talking about the Army's new choice for carbine rifles and machineguns from Sig Sauer.

Make sure to tune in live for the next episode on 5-11-22 at 8:30 CST (and every other Wednesday night) on the the LSLF Website , Facebook page, and Youtube, join in on the conversation, and have  cold brew or two with us!

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